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KVKK Information | Special Kilinc Oral & Dental Health Polyclinic, Erzurum, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adnan Kilinc & Dr. Dt. Zekiye Kilinc

KVKK Information

KVKK Information

At Kılınç Oral & Dental Health, the safety and satisfaction of our patients and their loved ones are at the heart of our service delivery, while we always prioritize ethical values. In line with legal requirements for occupational health and safety, we consider the health and safety of both our employees and patients as our top priority in carrying out our work.

Conscious of our responsibility to our environment and living beings, we take necessary precautions to prevent any kind of pollution that may arise during service delivery and minimize environmental impacts. We also adopt environmentally friendly approaches in waste management, striving to reduce, separate, and dispose of waste without harming the environment.

Continuously reviewing our existing diagnostic and treatment units, we work to minimize adverse effects on environmental health. We operate in full compliance with all legal requirements and regulations, striving to provide our patients with the highest quality standards of service.

We support the continuous development of our employees by providing training opportunities, encouraging them to keep up with innovations and best practices in the healthcare sector. This enables us to continuously improve our service quality and strive for better outcomes.

At Kılınç Oral & Dental Health, we embrace continuous improvement in all our processes. Our goal is to maintain the highest standards of health and safety, providing our patients with the best experience and contributing to public health.

GDPR Information:

The confidentiality of our patients' and employees' data is of utmost importance to us. We fully comply with the requirements of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regarding the protection of personal data and demonstrate the highest level of sensitivity in this regard. While providing healthcare services to our valued patients, we always consider the importance of data security and privacy.

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